Comodo Free Antivirus

If you've tried Comodo Antivirus in the past, it now looks a little different – and this is certainly no bad thing (and there are themes if you want the retro look). 

On the face of it, things are promising in the program – there's antivirus, malware protection, a secure virtual desktop, a secure web browser and a little floating panel that lets you keep an eye on anything that might need your attention.

Comodo offers an added level of security by changing DNS settings. By opting to use the company's own Comodo Secure DNS you can not only increase security, but also speed up web pages – and it really seems to work on both fronts.

On the positive side, there's a very neat feature that can be used to run programs in isolation so they don’t affect others. This is great for when you want to test out software without any risk of causing damage. The inclusion of Comodo Dragon is great from a security point of view, but it will mean shifting away from your browser of choice. It's perhaps best left for browsing sites you have concerns about. 

Unfortunately in tests, Comodo's virus detection rates leave a little to be desired, and there is a problem with false positives.

User experience

The Comodo Free Antivirus installer is one of those irksome affairs that tries to trick users into adopting Yahoo, so watch out for that option. There are various Yahoo pushes once the installation is over, too.

Apart from that, the setup process is very neat and tidy. Offers of automatically changing DNS and installing Comodo own secure Dragon browser (including importing existing settings) take care of things for the cautious user, and for the most part the virus and malware protection side of things takes care of itself.

The floating widget provides a handy overview of the program as well as giving you easy access to the main program interface. The main program can be used in a simple or more advanced mode to suit different users as well, which is a nice touch that makes Comodo Antivirus highly approachable.

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