The best Amazon Cyber Monday UK deals 2017

Worried that you've not made the most of all those great Black Friday deals? Don't panic, because Cyber Monday is here to give you yet more opportunities to bag a tech bargain for yourself. That's right, the sales last all the way across the weekend, so you've got plenty of time to do your shopping – and we've got the very best Amazon offers right here.

Amazon is of course one of the first names anyone thinks of when it comes to online shopping, and its catalogue of products is a vast one. We'll save you some virtual shoe leather by searching through the categories and deals pages on your behalf, surfacing the very best Cyber Monday 2017 bargains from Amazon on this very page.

Whether you're looking for a digital camera upgrade or you need a video games console to keep the kids entertained, you should be able to find something of interest here. As well as pointing you towards the most attractive deals, we'll also give you some general tips about how to go about your Cyber Monday 2017 shopping at Amazon.

Read on for all the Cyber Monday fun, and enjoy the savings!

Cyber Monday deals quick links

Amazon Prime and Cyber Monday

One way to get ahead of the pack on Cyber Monday is to sign up for an Amazon Prime subscription, or make use of the one you already have: some of the bargains you'll see are exclusive to Prime members, or exclusive to Prime members for a limited time.

As we're not privy to Amazon's exact plans, we can't be any more specific than to say that in general you're going to be at an advantage if you sign up for Amazon Prime before Cyber Monday arrives – the company is always looking to boost its subscriber numbers as high as it can, so expect it to have some incentives in store. You might get extra discounts on existing savings, or even deals that are exclusive to Prime members.

You need to stump up £79 (or $ 99) a year at the moment for an Amazon Prime subscription (slightly more if you go month-to-month), which gets you a ton of benefits besides putting you at the head of the queue when it comes to Cyber Monday offers: Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime Music, cloud storage space for your photos and of course a ticket to the Amazon Prime deals day every summer.

Amazon Lightning Deals

Amazon's Lightning Deals are special, time-limited offers that pop up on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, giving you the opportunity to grab a bargain in double-quick time. Stock is usually low and time is usually short, so if you don't jump in when you've got the chance, you run the risk of losing out completely.

As they're limited by time and stock, you often see some hefty discounts on offer with these Lightning Deals, so they're a great option for the savvy Cyber Monday 2017 shopper. Of course, we don't recommend jumping  into anything you're not sure about, but seize the opportunity if you are.

A Lightning Deal is "a promotion in which a limited number of discounts are offered on an item for a short period of time" according to Amazon, and they can be found on the Today's Deals page. If you're a Prime member then you get access even earlier too.

Amazon Cyber Monday deals

With Cyber Monday 2017 rapidly approaching, we thought we'd run a recap on some of the best deals we saw at Amazon during the Cyber Monday 2016 event.

Gaming Cyber Monday deals – Amazon put up a host of special offers on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One last year, and it's hard to pick a favourite. If you're really pushing us, £310.34 for the 500GB PS4, Uncharted 4, FIFA 17 and Final Fantasy XV was pretty amazing.

Computing Cyber Monday deals – as with consoles, you had a pile of great computing offers to tempt you into spending your cash at Amazon during Cyber Monday 2016, including the Asus GL552VW 15.6-inch gaming laptop down from £999.99 to £799.99.

Home Cyber Monday deals – Amazon had plenty of offers for the home as well during Cyber Monday last year, including a chunk of the Bosch ALS 2500 Electric Garden Blower and Vacuum to give your garden a bit of a tidy – it was £62.96, knocked down from £79.99.

Kitchen Cyber Monday deals – if it was kitchen gadgets you were after, then Amazon had plenty of those too for Cyber Monday 2016. One of our favourites was the ECOVACS W830, the amazing climbing window-cleaning robot, down to £159 from an original price of £249.

Tablet Cyber Monday deals – Amazon likes flogging tablets, particularly its own tablets, and particularly on Cyber Monday. Last year you could get hold of the Amazon Fire HD 10 for a mere £152, down from £169.99, which is an excellent price for a 10-inch Android slate.

Phone Cyber Monday deals – if you like heavily discounted smartphones then Amazon's virtual shelves during Cyber Monday 2016 were like a candy store: to take just one example, the Sony Xperia X was down to just £319.99 from an original price of £499.99.

Camera Cyber Monday deals – again we really were spoilt for choice when it came to cameras available on Cyber Monday at Amazon. One that particularly caught our eye was the Canon EOS M3 complete with lens, originally £479.99 but discounted to £412.

Amazon on Cyber Monday 2017: what you need to know

Everything you usually associate with Amazon – speedy delivery, a wide choice of gadgets, competitive prices – still applies on Cyber Monday, making it one of the best places to do your shopping amidst the bedlam of tumbling prices and limited time offers.

You're going to save yourself some time if you've already got your details all set up and registered with Amazon, including your delivery address, your delivery preferences, and a default payment method you can use. Of course keeping this page open and refreshing it regularly is going to save you some time too, as we'll bring you the best deals right here.

Cyber Monday actually kicks off a whole week of special offers on Amazon, called Cyber Deals Week, so you can carry on saving money on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday too – get those Christmas presents in early (whether for yourself or others) and at bargain prices too.

The top 5 Amazon deals on Cyber Monday 2016

1. Amazon Echo

Amazon loves discounting its own hardware during special events, and for Cyber Monday last year it knocked down the price of the biggest Amazon Echo from £159.99 to £119.99.

2. Panasonic TX-40DX600B 4K TV

We haven't mentioned TVs yet but of course Amazon is one of the best places to get a big screen. Last year the 40-inch 4K Panasonic TX-40DX600B was down £120 to just £429.

3. Xbox One S bundle

If you were in the market for an Xbox One S bundle during Cyber Monday 2016, you were in luck: Amazon had them on special offer, with Minecraft and Forza Horizon 3, for £199.99.

4. HP Slimline 410-135na desktop

One of the best computing deals we saw last year was on the HP Slimline 410-135na, a very capable desktop knocked down from the already decent £399 to just £329.99 for the day.

5. Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit

Cyber Monday 2016 was a great time to get started with a smart home setup thanks to Amazon, which offered the Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit for just £139.99 (£60 off).

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